Penn Australia

Let The Battle Begin

Ever since Otto Henze founded the PENN Fishing Tackle Company in 1932 we have been at the forefront of modern reel design and production. We pride ourselves on the fact that millions of experienced anglers around the world put their faith in using PENN products every day.

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Spiderwire Australia

Nothing Gets Away

Spiderwire rides at the crest of the new wave of fishing equipment hitting the sport in the last ten years. What started in California as part of a technologically advanced research project having nothing to do with fishing has become the cutting-edge fishing line of choice for aggressive anglers who demand the highest quality and performance.

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Stren Australia

Lines To Fit Any Fishing

Since the day it was introduced to excited anglers in 1958, Stren fishing line has been making fishermen – if not the fish – quite happy. Stren is well known the fishing world over for its strength, dependability, and innovative technology – all of which combine to create a most successful and enjoyable day on the water.

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Shakespeare Australia

Since 1897

1896 – William Shakespeare, Jr., an avid fisherman of 27 years, wanted to improve on existing fishing reels so he came up with a device for winding fishing line evenly back on the spool. William designed the level-wind reel and his new design was superior to anything on the market. As a result, this feature is now common on most fishing reels.

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Owner Australia

Perfection in Hooks

For over two decades Owner Hooks has been a leader and pioneer in fish hook design and manufacture. Incredibly sharp right out of the pack and strong enough to handle the toughest creatures.

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Abu Garcia Australia

Decades of experience and obsession

For generations, anglers the world over have put their trust in Abu Garcia for tackle that stands their toughest tests. It’s a trust that’s been earned by building products right the first time, and making them even better time after time.

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Berkley Fishing Australia

Berkley Fishing Australia

You have a passion for the sport. And so do we. That’s what’s made us the world’s leading fishing tackle company. Passion. Berkley is the premium brand of fishing tackle that fuels your passion for fishing, offering the broadest array of innovative solutions developed by anglers who share your commitment to the sport.

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